About Us


Levisite Enterprises was founded upon the belief that technology should be available to everyone. With the plethora of possibilities within technology, there should always be a way to achieve results at an affordable cost. Thus it is Levisite’s goal to make our services and products accessible to the world.

At Levisite, we have a passion for technology and people, and we want to foster lifetime relationships with all of our clients. Therefore:

  • We pledge to maintain a personal touch and relationship with our clients
  • We pledge to consistently provide rapid responses to our clients’ needs
  • We pledge to always be affordable for the small- and medium-sized business market
  • We pledge to never say no and always find a way to say yes

Levisite believes that each and every person is a leader—whether it be at home within the family structure or in a larger community setting. Every individual has the responsibility of being an example to someone else. Therefore, we at Levisite strive to be a leader in the IT services field. We strive to be an example of excellence for our clients, colleagues, and community.


Scottie C. Jackson, Founder and President:

Scottie C. Jackson has had an interest in technology since a very young age. At eight years old, he was programming in the BASIC language, and by age ten, was programming in assembly language for the 65C02 Apple IIE processor. As he grew up, his love for technology also grew and expanded. Scottie became very captured by audio and video production techniques which led him into film, commercial, and audio recording; thus technology fostered Scottie’s passion for performing arts. Since then, Scottie has directed full-stage plays and competed repeatedly in the annual 48 Hour Film Project here in San Antonio, TX.

Scottie spent four years in the USAF as a computer operator while moonlighting as an independent programmer. He later received a Bachelors degree in computer information technology from American Continental University and an AA in information systems from the Community College of the Air Force. Scottie’s learning did not end with college, however. Scottie has earned several certifications in the field of IT such as MCSE, MCSD, MCP, and A+, and his knowledge and interest are continuously growing.

Phuong Khanh V. Nguyen, Founder and Vice President:

Phuong Khanh V. Nguyen’s love for math and science began as a child in grade school when he dreamt of becoming an inventor, spending his life discovering and creating new things. Because of the constant evolution of technology, Phuong Khanh found that computer programming would satisfy his creativity as well as his interest in math and science. Phuong Khanh understood the computer as a way to invent. The internet is a powerful means of information communication, and as a programmer, Phuong Khanh utilizes that power as a dynamic medium for creative invention of innovative technology.

Phuong Khanh received a BS in computer science from The University of Texas at San Antonio’s honor college. Since then Phuong Khanh has worked as a network system administrator as well as a lead programmer. In many ways, Phuong Khanh is doing exactly what he wanted to do as a child--creating and developing new technology.

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