In February 2008, Scottie C. Jackson and Phuong Nguyen left their corporate jobs to form Levisite Enterprises as a non-profit organization. Levisite’s purpose was to provide corporate level service at affordable rates to ministries in need of high-tech solutions.

Beyond technology, Scottie and Phuong identified the need for theatrical and multimedia production work, and Levisite began offering production services. In 2009, Levisite produced various videos, concerts, and stage plays to provide clients with advertisement and promotion platforms.

While working with ministries, the technological needs of small- and medium-sized businesses became apparent as well. Small businesses and ministries face very similar problems—both need custom technological solutions at a low cost.

As Levisite grew, Scottie and Phuong felt moved to seize the small business market and reform Levisite as a limited liability company (LLC). In March 2010, the decision was reached to close the non-profit organization and re-open as a LLC. This conversion finally enabled Levisite Enterprises to provide unique products and services to commercial business clients as well as their ministry clients.

From day one of the formation of Levisite Enterprises, LLC, it was clear that Scottie and Phuong’s intuition led them in the right direction, and God’s favor shone greatly upon the company and the products and services provided to Levisite’s clients.

Levisite Enterprises continues to grow rapidly, and is now serving over a dozen local commercial clients. Today, Levisite Enterprises looks forward to the opportunity to serve your organization with cost-effective technical solutions.

Levisite Enterprises, LLC . 1931 NW Military Hwy . Suite 236 . San Antonio, TX 78213 . phone: 210 - 655 - 5384 . fax: 210 - 200 - 8392