Technology is constantly growing by leaps and bounds, and your organization can too, with the help of our superior Information Technology (I/T) Support Solutions. With the many advances that are available today, Levisite Enterprises can take out the guess work and help define the options best suited for your specific needs, saving you time and resources.

The many technological options offered today can be overwhelming. At Levisite Enterprises, we handle all your I/T needs. Our all-encompassing services take the worry out of technology choices and applications. Additional rewards of our solutions are no on-staff I/T personnel and one call for all your support requests and requirements.

Services Included:

Network Maintenance

The physical maintenance of systems and equipment as well as new cable runs, replacement and installation of network equipment and troubleshooting.

Network Administration

The administration of user accounts, network security, data backups, and passive monitoring of performance, system, and anti-virus logs with as little interruption as possible.

Small Computer Maintenance

The maintenance of user workstations, servers and laptops: hardware upkeep, and standardization of system loads. Also includes the maintenance of software licensing.

Technical Procurement

Competitive purchasing of technological resources, and maintaining operations within your budget. We assume responsibility for proposing budgets and monitoring enterprise-wide systems performance within your budget as well.

System Integration

Ensuring cohesive system operation. We will manage and oversee multiple systems within your enterprise. We make recommendations, alterations, or implementations necessary to ensure maximum functionality across the various systems.

Software Development

The planning, designing, developing, and maintaining existing and future custom software systems within your enterprise for the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for any custom application. We also maintain and develop your website .

Communications Management

This service includes the management of Internet service, Email service, Mobile Phones, VOIP telephony, and PSTN communications for your enterprise. We also work with third-party providers on your behalf to resolve issues, make orders, and perform immediate troubleshooting.

Technical Training

Providing written instructions, manuals, and appropriate documentation for the purpose of explaining system operations to users. We will also conduct instructor-led sessions, orientations, and presentations to your employees, agents, and contractors.

Technical Representation

Representing you in your best interest to third-party organizations or companies concerning your available technology and technological capabilities. We will present seamlessly as part of your organization or as a third-party service provider.

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