Broadcast media has dynamically exploded in the last few years. Levisite offers affordable media streaming solutions that enable your organization to capitalize on Internet streaming for audio or video!

Audio Streaming

Stream live audio from almost any audio device right to the Internet! Levisite offers audio streaming as a standalone installation or a hosted solution.

As a standalone solution, Levisite provides an audio server that broadcasts an .mp3 or .ogg format audio stream. The standalone solution provides more flexibility for integration within your organization. You will require a High-speed Internet connection and a static ip address for the most flexibility.

As a hosted solution, Levisite provides an Internet accessible mountpoint to which you can stream your audio. The mountpoint is then broadcast out to the Internet allowing you to post the stream on your website, pick up the stream from a mobile device, and many other applications!

Video Streaming

Levisite provides a video streaming solution that removes cost limitations, and headache from producing a live video stream. The video streaming server simply connects within your organization and receives video feeds from one or more sources. Each source is then indexed and streamed out to the Internet. You can use flash based media players, Quicktime, or your favorite player to connect to the stream. Streams are available as rtsp, http, or rtmp. Levisite will customize to your needs.

Custom Streaming

The above listed packages are not our only streaming options. Our technical staff is prepared to customize and develop a streaming solution for your specific needs. Contact Us!

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