A company website is commonly the first opportunity for clients to get to know about the company. For this reason, it is important to have a strong dynamic web presence. In addition to marketing, a website is also an opportunity for interaction with potential and existing clients.

Levisite Offers a customizable array of website solutions for your organization. Our solutions basically fall into two categories:

Design and Drop

When you have a clear vision of the website that you want, and maybe a small support team to maintain and keep it updated, the Design and Drop suite of website products may be a perfect solution for you. These solutions are assembled within weeks and then completely turned over to you. Select a theme, bring your own theme, or let us design a theme and away we go!

Basic Starter

Our basic package includes the following:

  • Home Page - a dynamic welcome or landing page designed to impress your visitor and present yourself in the best light.
  • Product/Services Page - a basic list of products and/or services offered by your company, along with brief descriptions of each.
  • About Us - a bio of your company, including pictures and other media that you may have available to present.
  • Contact Us - a dynamic contact page featuring an embedded interactive map along with a multi-field form allowing visitors to send you questions or comments.

E-commerce Starter

For businesses that want to take advantage of selling products or taking orders online, Levisite offers our E-commerce Starter. This package includes all of the features described in the Basic Starter, plus an e-commerce system featuring a shopping cart, inventory management, and a reporting package.

Enterprise Starter

The Enterprise Starter includes all of the features described in the Basic Starter, plus content management and editing interfaces, account security, enforceable content restrictions and a platform for adding a multitude of new features and modules in the future.

Web Support Package

Most websites require changes on a pretty regular basis. Rather than buying a new website every 3 - 6 months, Levisite offers businesses a large money saver. Our Web Support Packages allow you to purchase as much or as little website support as you need. Within your monthly hours you are enabled to take advantage of any or all of the following services:

Software Development

The planning, design, development, and maintenance of existing and future software systems within your website.

Graphic Editing

The generation or modification of electronic images and the design of page and/or document layout.

Audio Editing

The transferring, modifying, rendering and procurement of sound effects, music, voice-overs, and ambient sounds.

Video Editing

The transferring of video media, modifying or creating video or graphic animations, synchronizing video animation with audio elements, procuring stock video, and producing or rendering of video files or media for playback.

Digital Recording

The capturing or recording of audio, video, or pictoral subjects.

Creative Writing

The creation of literary material for publication through your website.

System Integration

Integrating your company's existing software system into your website or vice-versa. The enabling of data to flow seamlessly between your website and your internal systems.

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